Too Much Gear? We Know Where To Put It

Susan Taylor 05 Nov , 2015 0 Comments Main

Owning a motorcycle is a great achievement to many, and riding it whenever one feels like it is an enthralling experience. Like any other automotive, a motorcycle comes with its challenges. Apart from the common challenges of maintenance, security of a motorcycle is paramount. Security on the roads cannot always be guaranteed because you are pretty much on your own there, neither can security in the stores, thanks to the sophistication and ingenuity of modern-day burglars. What if there was actually a place that offered maximum security for your motorcycle parts? Well, Place For Your Stuff, a self storage facility in Alberta Canada, is one such facility that offers a secure place for your stuff as far as motorcycle parts go.

Why Place For Your Stuff?


Security – Fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras at every turn, you can be sure your motorcycle will be secured within the facility as its position will be monitored from every angle. This coupled with their LED lighting system inside each locker, the chances of disappearance of your motorcycle are virtually next to none. As if that is not enough, their self storage lockers are made of solid steel strong enough to ward off any adventurous burglar, not to mention a modern fire-rated envelop that protects the stored motorcycle in the event the facility catches fire.

Hours of operation – This facility has successfully beaten others in the same sector by adopting the 24-hour economy. Your strong belief that access to your motorcycle should not be limited to any particular time of day is well captured here. As a result, there are arrangements to have members of staff work round the clock, making it the ideal place for your stuff.

Online convenience – The advent of technology has considerably increased operations, in the sense it has made it easier for people to procure the same services on the internet. No one understands this better than Place For Your Stuff and as such, they have made it easier for their clients to access their services online, such as booking and paying, by developing a consumer-friendly software. Make no mistake, using this software feels as good as being attended to in the office itself.

Rates – It is no question that Place For Your Stuff is a business outfit but what is it that separates them from other businesses when you choose their facility as a place for your stuff? Well, the fact that they do not attach importance to the price motive more than they do to service delivery is enough to explain why their rates have remained as one of the most competitive in the industry.

To top it all, if you have a motorcycle, then you definitely need a place for its storage. Talk of motorcycle spare parts storage and Place For Your Stuff comes to mind. Being the industry leaders in this kind of business in Alberta, their facility should therefore be the best choice as a place to put all your stuff!